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This 100% STIM-FREE formula provides you with the essential nutrients scientifically shown to improve your workouts, increase your energy levels while exercising and boost your power output for better results.

  • Better Workouts
  • More Motivation
  • More Energy
  • More Endurance
  • More Strength
  • Faster Recovery
  • Better Results

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Are you sick of all the hype?

The hype surrounding pre-workouts today is downright laughable.

Most of these caffeine-loaded spaz-now-and-crash-later options don’t deliver HALF as much as they promise you.

And that’s why these cheap stimulant-stuffed powders have deservingly earned the reputation of being extremely overpriced energy drinks.

Your quest for the “Holy Grail”
Pre-Workout is finally over

If you’re looking for a no-fluff pre-workout to help you feel motivated to hit the gym… energizing your body, mind and muscles… helping you perform at your peak with minimal recovery and better results, then…

You’re going to love PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout. This no-filler, no-nonsense, stim-free pre-workout is ONLY made with the bare-bones essentials for optimizing your performance.

Just the essential nutrients for a great workout
at the proper doses WITHOUT any stimulants

You won’t see any marketing hype on this page.

There’s already too much hype in the fitness supplement industry today - especially around pre-workouts. So we decided to not add any more hype to the steaming pile of you-know-what.

Instead, we decided to deliver a complete, “bare-knuckle” basics formula for great workouts and even greater results. No hype guaranteed.

You won’t find any stupid names.

No Gorilla XXX. No TNT Gainz. No SKULL-CRUSHER 3000. Even though these names might sound cool for marketing, the results are often underwhelming.

That’s why we decided to keep things simple, naming our formula Pre-Workout… because that’s exactly what it is!

You won’t hear any bogus claims.

Unlike everyone else who claims their pre-workout delivers steel-bending strength, god-like performance with overnight muscle manifesting miracles... We decided to tone things down by simply sharing with you what the research says about each nutrient in our formula.

No proprietary blends

Tell me if you’ve seen this before: A pre-workout with a fancy-sounding “proprietary” blend, like the ULTIMATE MUSCLE MATRIX, or something like that. Well, did you know that these proprietary blends aren’t really as “cool” as they sound? You see, the troubling problem with proprietary blends is you NEVER actually know the amount of each ingredient. As one health researcher put it (paraphrased): With proprietary blends, they “hide” the dosage of each ingredient. This means you could literally get ONLY 0.01mg of an ingredient - which, of course, is absolutely worthless to you!

No “skimpy” doses

Sometimes you’ll find pre-workouts with great ingredients but in tiny dosages. That’s called a “filler” ingredient in the industry. It makes the label look like there’s a lot when in reality the dosage is so low you might as well as be drinking air.

No crazy stimulants

If you’re looking for a stim-loaded pre-workout you’re in the WRONG place. Our essentials-only pre-workout formula is 100% STIM-FREE for guys who want to feel pumped-up to workout without feeling like you’re tweaking on bad street drugs.

Just the essential nutrients for a great workout
at the proper doses WITHOUT any stimulants

A good pre-workout should pump you up…

making you feel motivated to work out.

A good pre-workout should boost your energy levels…

making you feel energized during your entire workout.

A good pre-workout should improve your athletic performance…

helping you push through your toughest physically-demanding challenges.

That’s why we selected only the essential pre-workout nutrients backed by rock-solid scientific research to provide you with a reliable option for amazing workouts and great results.

Take a look “under the hood”
of this remarkable formula

Take a closer look at the exciting research and benefits behind each ingredient in the Pre-Workout formula.

L-Citrulline Malate + L-Arginine HCL

Citrulline has recently become a MUST HAVE in all pre-workouts. That’s because research shows this nonessential amino acid helps boost performance, reduce fatigue and increase strength during exercise.

As a vasodilator, citrulline helps your body produce nitric oxide (NO) for pumping oxygen-rich blood to your muscles for more energy, strength and endurance.

But not all citrulline are created equal. There are different types of citrulline and some forms of citrulline are better than others - especially when it comes to exercise performance. That’s why after reviewing the compelling evidence, our team of exercise researchers here at PrimeGENIX chose a high-quality L-Citrulline Malate for the Pre-Workout formula.

L-Citrulline malate is a unique combination of l-citrulline and malate. Malate is an important component in your tricarboxylic (TCA) cycle, a critical source of energy for your cells (and also important for aerobic respiration). Research shows that when malate levels increase, energy levels increase as well.

The incredible performance-boosting effects of l-citrulline malate have been published by highly respected journals such as the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the European Journal of Applied Physiology, and the British Journal of Sports Medicine to name a few.

But that’s just the beginning.

In order to “ramp up” the strength and energy-boosting benefits of l-citrulline malate, we threw a potent dose of L-Arginine HCL into the mix.

As you may know, arginine is an extremely popular pre-workout ingredient because it’s the amino acid your body converts into nitric oxide (NO). Research shows that elevated arginine levels are associated with higher NO levels.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that researchers discovered combining citrulline and arginine has a powerful synergistic effect. One study showed that the combination of l-citrulline and l-arginine increased nitric oxide MORE than either of them alone!

That’s why we combined l-citrulline malate and l-arginine HCL to the Pre-Workout formula.


Beta-Alanine (3-aminopropanoic acid) is a non-essential amino acid.

The scientifically-backed benefits of this wonderful workout nutrient are:

  • Explosive strength & power output
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Improved endurance
  • Boosted exercise capacity.
  • Delayed fatigue

These amazing benefits can help you experience better exercise performance for achieving better overall results.

But that’s not all.

You see, Beta-Alanine is such an effective pre-workout nutrient because it significantly increases muscle carnosine. This is a big deal because when you train, hydrogen ions (H+) build up which lowers the pH in your muscles causing FATIGUE. Essentially, carnosine “blocks” hydrogen ions from building up in the first place, delaying fatigue, so you can work out harder, longer.


Athletes and competitive bodybuilders routinely rely on BCAA’s for awe-inspiring performances, muscle-pumping workouts and jaw-dropping results. But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from Branched-Chain Amino Acids during your exercises.

You see, BCAA’s are made up of 3 essential amino acids:

  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Valine

And studies show BCAA’s can help you boost energy, lose fat, build muscle, improve exercise performance, reduce recovery times, and more!

This triple performance-boosting team also helps your body remain in an anabolic state during longer workouts. This is crucial for performing your best whether you lift weights or enjoy endurance sports.

BCAA’s are also known for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. This metabolic process helps your muscles grow faster. So you get better results from the same workout.

Another major benefit is reducing post-exercise soreness. So you’re not in too much pain directly after exercising or for days to come.

A unique factor of BCAA’s is how fast they travel to your bloodstream. Bypassing the liver and gut these energy-boosting soldiers march directly into your blood plasma immediately boosting energy levels - especially during high-intensity workouts. If you want more energy when you exercise, high-quality BCAA’s are a great pre-workout option by themselves!


Taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) is a naturally occurring amino acid. It gets a bad rap because it’s found in common energy drinks. But this performance-enhancing superstar is seriously underrated.

Here’s the deal: Several studies conclude Taurine can help:

  • Improve your reaction time
  • Reduce the feeling of exercise fatigue  
  • Boost your mental focus 

But not only that, Taurine is also known to elevate your mood - which some say creates an intense motivation to exercise. 

So if you’re looking for something to help you get-up-and-GO! then Taurine could do the trick. That’s why we put a whopping 1,000mg dose of high-quality Taurine in PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout. So you’ll feel more motivated to work out along WITH the performance-enhancing benefits of this amazing amino acid.


Niacin (B3), Vitamin B12 + Vitamin C

Niacin is a critical B vitamin that helps your body turn food into daily energy. It’s also essential for your body to create nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), a special molecule shown to increase physical energy levels and boost mental performance - two critical elements for a great workout.

Vitamin B12 also helps convert nutrients into energy. That’s part of the reason why people who are deficient in vitamin B12 suffer from extreme fatigue. But not only that, vitamin B12 plays a role in the production of red blood cells which are crucial for transporting oxygen to your muscles while exercising. 

As you know, Vitamin C is the most notorious vitamin on the planet for good health and a strong immune system. But did you know that vitamin C deficiency can cause weakness and lead to a lack of energy? That means, without enough vitamin C, you could start feeling lethargic (making it virtually impossible to feel motivated to exercise) and even weaker in the gym. And that’s why bodybuilders keep their vitamin C supply sky-high. 

According to research, not only can vitamin C supplementation potentially boost your energy and improve athletic performance, but another reason why vitamin C is so crucial for your workouts is because it helps keep your testosterone levels optimal. In fact, several studies report vitamin C boosts testosterone. And we ALL know how important testosterone is for building muscle and keeping fat OFF our bodies!


Sodium & Chloride

No. Sodium and chloride are NOT “throw away” ingredients. These two unassuming super heroes actually help the ingredients in our Pre-Workout work even better for you. For example: Beta-alanine is only effective if it can travel from your bloodstream into your skeletal muscles - which depends on the availability of sodium and chloride in your body. Therefore, this one-two punch combo actually helps Beta-alanine “charge” your muscles with energy for a fantastic workout.

Red Beet Juice

Think of a difficult exercise. One you really struggle with.  Now imagine breezing through that same exercise easier than before. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it might sound hard to believe, but that’s what research is beginning to show about Red Beets.

You see, Red Beets have natural vasodilating effects because of the high nitrate (CO3) content. Vasodilation improves blood flow which provides an array of health benefits, including improving athletic and cognitive performance.

And now, it seems like study after study are reporting the same thing: Red beets can boost mental performance while making difficult exercises easier. These studies are being performed at top universities like Wake Forest and being published by the Journal of Applied Physiology and others.

With all the new evidence backing the performance-enhancing benefits of red beets, the PrimeGENIX team of health researchers believed wholeheartedly it deserves a spot in this essentials-only Pre-Workout.


Enhanced with BioPerine for
better results

The key to effective supplementation is proper absorption. If the nutrients you ingest don’t absorb into your system they will inevitably be “flushed” out without any effect. Proper dosing solves part of the equation. But even with high doses, absorbability is poor, because of stomach acids. The solution? There’s a U.S. patented compound clinically proven to increase bioavailability (the rate at which nutrients absorb into your system). It’s called BioPerine®.

Adding BioPerine® to the Pre-Workout was a no-brainer. It’s like dropping a “supercharger” into a racecar. The increased bioavailability helps each nutrient absorb better into your system for better results.

Backed By Rock-Solid Scientific Research

Our mission was to create the most comprehensive, nothing-but-essentials pre-workout formula. That’s why our team of exercise researchers poured over hundreds of clinical studies from the most respected journals in the world. And while there were dozens of amazing nutrients for boosting performance, we carefully selected the ones backed by a substantial amount of rock-solid evidence.

Read below to discover what some of the most respected exercise and nutrition journals have to say about the ingredients in PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout. You’ll see how these powerful compounds help improve athletic performance, reduce fatigue, boost energy, amplify strength and much more!

“Several studies have reported that L-citrulline supplementation can enhance exercise performance and recovery.”

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning
Research 2020

“Citrulline supplements significantly reduced post-exercise RPE and muscle soreness”

The Journal of Sport and
Health Science 2020

“L-citrulline significantly improved subjective feelings of muscle fatigue and concentration immediately after exercise”


“Research currently suggests that beta-alanine has the greatest potential to improve performance in high-intensity exercise”

Journal of the International Society
of Sports Nutrition 2015

“[Beta-Alanine] supplementation gave rise to a larger number of leg press repetitions executed with a load equivalent to 65% of the individual’s one-repetition maximum (1RM)”

The Journal of the International
Society of

“Nitric oxide related ergogenic aids such as arginine (Arg) have shown to impact positively on sport performance through several physiological and metabolic mechanisms.”


“The effects of L-arginine supplementation on energy expenditure were successful…”

The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging 2014

“BCAA supplementation may mitigate muscle soreness following muscle-damaging exercise”

“Taurine is proposed to function as an antioxidant of ROS and promote recovery after exercise.”

The Journal of the International
Society of Sports Nutrition

“High-dose vitamin C showed a significant reduction in fatigue in almost all studies.”

“Beet Root due to its ability to increase NO−2 and NO in plasma can increase adaptation to endurance training.”


Why Dr. Redden (A.K.A. “Doc Thor”) Recommends PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout


Highest Quality Manufacturing Practices
For Consistently Pure Results

Here at PrimeGENIX our reputation is founded on delivering consistent high-quality formulas. Each formula is made right here in the USA in cGMP certified facilities that are regularly inspected by the FDA to ensure the highest quality of manufacturing.

Try It Risk-Free With Our
Rock-Solid Money-Back GUARANTEE!

Listen: As part of our no “hype” policy, we never want you to feel like you’re “risking” anything by trying one of our formulas. This includes Pre-Workout. That’s why we offer a rock-solid money-back guarantee.

Here are the details:

Order Pre-Workout today. Once it arrives at your door, start using it right away. Try it out. See how it makes you feel. If you’re not having amazing workouts then simply return the unused portion in the original container (within 67 days) for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping. No questions asked. *(Sixty seven days should give you plenty of time to try this out!)

And now it’s your turn…

You now have an incredible risk-free opportunity to try one of the best pre-workouts on the planet.

But it’s totally up to you!

Just remember:

When you’re enjoying better workouts and amazing results…

Don’t forget to tell us about your success!

Any Questions?

Yes, you can split your purchase in 4 equal payments, interest free with Sezzle during checkout. (Some restrictions apply)

Simply scroll up to the top of this page and select your how many tubs of Pre-Workout you’d like to start with.

You’ll notice that the more you buy the more you save.

Remember: Your purchase is backed by our rock-solid, 67-day, money-back guarantee.

Take Pre-Workout for a risk-free “test-drive” today.

You could start feeling more alert and energized within 20 minutes of consuming Pre-Workout.

But it takes up to 30 to 40 minutes for the “full-effect” to kick-in all the way.

Supplementing with Pre-Workout is simple.

Take 1 level scoop of Pre-Workout powder and mix it with 10-12 oz. of cold water until fully dissolved.

Consume 30 minutes before physical activity for improved performance.

Looking for a kick in the pants? I don’t blame you.

With today’s hectic schedules it’s virtually impossible for anyone to get the adequate rest we need to feel fully energized and motivated to hit the gym FULL FORCE.

And that’s one reason why pre-workouts have become so popular - even for people who don’t workout!

That’s because pre-workouts can deliver the energy, focus and motivation you need to crush your workout and get better results from exercising.

But unfortunately, some of these so-called pre-workouts are LESS EFFECTIVE than drinking a cup of coffee. Or worse, many pre-workouts today are loaded with crazy stimulants that send your heartbeat soaring a mile-a-minute and your blood pressure shooting through the roof. So what can you do if you’re looking for serious motivation… something more than a cup of coffee can deliver… without loading your body with dirty stimulants?

Thankfully, that’s where PrimeGENIX Pre-Workout steps in. Our STIM-FREE formula is able to give you that extra push you need to “hulk-out” during each set, without the crash, without the jitters and without negative side-effects.

No. Our formula does not contain creatine.


Because here at PrimeGENIX we listen to guys that are part of our amazingly loyal fan-base.

You see, a lot of the guys in the PrimeGENIX tribe were asking for a NON-STIM pre-workout. They also didn’t want anything with a laundry-list of ingredients. Just the essential basics backed by science. And even though it was difficult to decide, the majority of guys asked for a non-creatine option.

That’s the reason why we decided not to put creatine in Pre-Workout.

Besides, you can always stack the creatine of your choice with this Pre-Workout formula if you wish.

Absolutely. Whether you exercise in the morning or late evening after work, Pre-Workout can help you feel more energized and “dialed in” for performing your best.

PRIMEGENIX® Works, Ask Our Fans.

It Helped Them Too!

PrimeGenix Pre-workout Fans


100% Money Back Guaranteed

We guarantee your 100% SATISFACTION with all PrimeGENIX® products. If you’re not fully satisfied (for any reason), simply return the product within 67 days, for a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping. But when you’re enjoying the daily benefits of our high-quality formulas, you’ll be happy you gave PrimeGENIX® a shot.

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